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One of Us Show: Subscribers Only

One Of Us Show Live


Ok, maybe not ONLY, since we are going to spring these on you live with no advance warning exclusively on our One of Us Facebook page where anyone can watch and take part (and maybe be invited to join us). But when they’re done, within a few hours, they are permanently taken off the Facebook page and then are only available to you subscribers (right here) at BROWN COAT level or above. Our first episode has Chris, Hunter, and Marco talking about ALL kinds of things and with a variety of guests. And this video is almost 2 hours and 45 minutes of quality time spent with da boys with more videos like it to come. Please think about becoming a subscriber: we CAN NOT keep this site going without you.

Please think about becoming a paid subscriber to, support our huge network of shows, and get access to tons of bonus shows and videos in our forums! We cannot keep this site going without support from our listeners. For added information about being a subscriber, the benefits, and the forums, please go here.

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