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Inside The Locker/Screener Squad: The Last Dance

The Last Dance Series Review


Arguably the greatest athlete of all time is Michael Jordan. Whether you believe that or not, you cannot argue that he owned the 90s. He was winning six championships in 8 years before it all came crashing down to a screeching halt. Many have wondered why it was dismantled so quickly and what went on behind the scenes (especially with Dennis Rodman being thrown into the mix) and this epic, and I do mean EPIC, 10 hour documentary from ESPN will answer all of those questions. So much of this is new, never before seen footage that is sure to captivate anyone from the 90s who might have heard of Michael Jordan. Join J.C., Bradly, Hunter, and Ryan in what we’re HOPING is the rebirth of Inside the Locker.



DIRECTED BY: Jason Hehir

APPEARANCES BY: Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr, Jerry Reinsdorf, David Aldridge, B.J. Armstrong, Reggie Miller, Michael Wilbon, Andrea Kremer, John Paxson, Sam Smith, Horace Grant, Rick Telander, Ahmad Rashad, Tim Grover, Rod Thorn, Bill Wennington, Doug Collins, David Falk, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Toni Kukoc, Will Perdue, Barack Obama, George Koehler, Bob Costas, Todd Boyd, Larry Bird, John Salley, Gary Payton, David Stern, James Worthy, Roy Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Jalen Rose, Charley Rosen, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Roy Williams, Willow Bay, Carmen Electra, Bill Cartwright, Jud Buechler, Jim Stack, Mike Barnett, Scott Burrell, Terry Francona, Brendan Malone, Danny Ainge, Rod Higgins, Glen Rice, Patrick Ewing, Hannah Storm, Buzz Peterson, Sidney Moncrief, Nas, Ron Harper, John A. Hefferon, Bill Clinton, Pat Riley, Adam Silver, Marcus Jordan, Joe Kleine, Charles Oakley, Justin Timberlake, Billy Packer, Joe Pytka, Kevin Loughery, Jeffrey Jordan

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