Highly Suspect Reviews: Burnt Orange Heresy

Burnt Orange Heresy Movie Review


So, to clear up any confusion, this was one of the last films we were prepared to review as normal (in person) before…life as we now know it happened. Which is why it says Highly Suspect Reviews and not Screener Squad. It also was the first film we reviewed once the isolation orders went into place and the first one I edited. So, it’s a teensy bit rougher around the corners. But FINALLY, a release date was announced (today!) on VOD and we get a chance to tell you about this film…

Claes Bang (you know, that guy who played Dracula in that recent wacky Netflix miniseries) is a super-slick art critic, kind of a rock star in his way, but one who has got some shade on him and is looking for a way to redeem his career. Enter Mick Jagger as an art collector who invites him to stay with him and interview a famous but very reclusive artist (Donald Sutherland) who Jagger lets live on his estate. Oh, and not to just interview, but to STEAL one of his paintings. This adaptation of a Charles Willeford novel is many things, not all of them good. Listen to Tessa, Chris, Marco, and Frank give it the assessment. 


DIRECTED BY: Giuseppe Capotondi

STARRING: Claes Bang, Elizabeth Debicki, Mick Jagger, Donald Sutherland, Rosalind Halstead, Alessandro Fabrizi

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