Screener Squad: The Outsider

The Outsider TV Series Review


Suspicious things are afoot in this HBO adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider. And it’s not just the surprise that Ben Mendelsohn is playing a good guy for once! The story begins with Mendelsohn’s character Detective Ralph Anderson, who is investigating a grisly murder of a young boy named Frank Peterson in Cherokee City, Georgia. A mountain of evidence, including security footage, seems to unquestionably point the finger at the boy’s little league coach Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman). However, there is also unquestionable evidence that Terry was nowhere near the murder when it was committed. As the situation escalates possibly to supernatural levels (this is Stephen King after all), another more eccentric investigator named Holly Gibney (Cynthia Erivo) is brought in to discover what’s really going on and how far the rabbit hole goes. Brad and Paloma are here to let us know whether this horror crime drama truly chilled them to the bone or if it’s dead on arrival.


DIRECTED BY: Jason Bateman, Andrew Bernstein, Igor Martinovic, Karyn Kasuma, Diana Reid, J.D. Dillard, Charlotte Brandstrom

STARRING: Ben Mendelsohn, Cynthia Erivo, Bill Camp, Jeremy Bobb, Julianne Nicholson, Mare Winningham, Paddy Considine, Yul Vazquez, Jason Batman, Marc Menchaca, Max Beesley, Derek Cecil, Summer Fontana, Scarlett Blum, Frank Deal, Dayna Beilenson, Hettienne Park, Michael Esper, Claire Bronson, Michael H. Cole, Marc Fajardo, Margo Moorer, Duncan E. Clark, Joshua Whichard, Wes Watson, Diany Rodriguez, Suehyla El-Attar, Martin Bats Bradford, Jakob Gruntfest, Nicholas Pryor, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Susanna Guzman, Drez Ryan, Steve Witting, Carlos Navarro

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