Screener Squad: BEASTARS

Beastars Review


What happens when Zootopia and anime collide? BEASTARS happens! This CG anime, licensed for U.S. streaming via Netflix and adapted from a manga, is set in an anthropomorphic animal society divided by carnivores and herbivores. The story follows a wolf named Legoshi (Jonah Scott) who simply wishes to live a simple high school life and perform in the drama club. One night, an alpaca student is killed and eaten, prompting an investigation that flares tensions between the various animal races. This also leads to Legoshi meeting, and developing complex feelings for, a young rabbit named Haru (Lara Jill Miller) as he seeks to find out what kind of animal he truly is inside. Oh, and BEASTARS refers to an individual with great talent in their society. Brad and Mindy tackle this review to see if this show truly roars onto the scene or if it simply pulls the wool over our eyes.


DIRECTED BY: Shinchi Matsumi, Yasuhiro Geshi, Makoto Sokuza, Atsushi Yukawa, Kensuke Yamamoto, Daiki Kato

STARRING: Jonah Scott, Lara Jill Miller, Griffin Puatu, Lauren Landa, Keith Silverstein, Ben Diskin, Kaiji Tang, Kyle McCarley, Kyle Hebert, Michael Chapman, Billy Kametz, Daman Mills, Erika Harlacher, Brian Beacock, Bryce Papenbrook, Cristina Vee, Tony Azzolino, Lauren Landa, Cherami Leigh, Reba Buhr, Bob Buchholz, Kylen Deporter

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