Highly Suspect Reviews: The Hunt

The Hunt Movie Review


“Liberal Hollywood is racist at the highest level, and with great anger and hate!”. So said our President(?) about this Blumhouse action/horror/comedy way back in September. Of course, not having seen it. A lot of left-wing talking heads spoke out against the film (again, with only having seen the trailer) as being a pro-MAGA film. Ultimately the release date was pushed back from last September because of some mass shootings that happened around the same time as the release date. Well, here we are in March and Universal is releasing The Hunt with marketing that plays to the ‘controversy’. I’m here to tell you neither side is right. Sure, if horror and exploitation movies aren’t your thing, or you don’t care for the South Park style of socio-political satire insinuating that EVERYONE is dumb, this isn’t for you. But offensive? Dangerous? Um…no. The plot is that a group of ‘liberal elites’ have kidnapped a bunch of right-wing jerks and are playing The Most Dangerous Game with them…hunting them in a private area. But a few of the right-wingers are a little tougher than they planned on. Chris, Marcos Lira, Sarah Jane, and Alan take a look and find that it’s not something to get all excited about, but action/horror/comedy fans who have no pearls to clutch before they even start watching the damn thing will probably find a decent amount to enjoy.


DIRECTED BY: Craig Zobel

STARRING: Betty Gilpin, Ike Barinholtz, Emma Roberts, Hilary Swank, Justin Hartley, Glenn Howerton, Amy Madigan, Ethan Suplee, Macon Blair, J.C. MacKenzie, Reed Birney, Teri Wyble, Sturgill Simpson, Usman Ally

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