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Screener Squad: What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like Movie Review


What does love look like? Probably a lot better than this film. This independent release, which was shot, edited, co-produced, written, and directed by Alex Magaña, works primarily as a series of vignettes following characters meeting cute, going on dates, dealing with insecurities, and trying to find love. And we would love to give more of a plot synopsis than that, but honestly…it’s kind of hard to focus on any one plot line or character in this movie. But that won’t stop Justin, Lexie, London, and Bradly from giving their thoughts on what could be the funniest movie they’ve seen in a while. Except it’s not supposed to be a comedy.


DIRECTED BY: Alex Magaña

STARRING: Margo Graff, Josh Gilmer, Kylee Wofford, Tevy Poe, Connor Wilkins, Calvin Peters, Tay McVeigh, Kate Durocher, Rachael Hadassah, Amber Pauline Magdesyan, Lori Talley, Rhei Liu, Stephaun Pender, Nathan Kohnen, Taylor Alexa Frank, Trevor Sean, Paul Santoli, Jack Menzies, Luis Antonius Canete, Gabriella Wisdom, Ashley Rose McKenna

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