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Screener Squad: Locke & Key

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Locke and Key Season 1 Review


After years of failed starts, Joe Hill’s Locke & Key has finally gotten the small screen treatment via Netflix. Adapted from the comic, the story focuses on the Locke family following the death of their patriarch Rendell. Once they’ve arrived at the mysterious family home, the Keyhouse, the children (Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott) discover that the house is full of magical doors and keys. As they uncover the power within though, they awaken a demonic force that also seeks the magic they are unleashing. Justin sat in as Paloma and Dogget figure out whether this show cast a spell on them or if this door is best left unopened.


DIRECTED BY: Michael Morris, Tim Southam, Mark Tonderai-Hodges, Dawn Hodges, Vincenzo Natali

STARRING: Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott, Petrice Jones, Laysla De Oliveira, Griffin Gluck, Aaron Ashmore, Bill Heck, Sherri Saum, Thomas Mithcell Barnet, Kevin Alves, Genevieve Kang, Hallea Jones, Kolton Stewart, Asha Bromfield, Jesse Camacho, Eric Graise, Felix Mallard, Steven Williams, Coby Bird

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