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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man Movie Review


After making one of the most kick-ass sci-fi action films of 2018 (Upgrade) for 3 million dollars, director/writer Leigh Whannell turns his sights on horror with his updated take on the old Universal classic, The Invisible Man. Proving again that sometimes having to work with a smaller budget yields superior results (this time, 7 million), Whannell has turned in one of the best horror films we’ve seen in a while. Well, some of us felt that way.

Elizabeth Moss plays a woman who has seemingly successfully escaped from her tech-millionaire super-abusive boyfriend in a rather definitive way…two weeks after narrowly getting out of his compound, he is found dead. But is he? Something or someone is messing with her head and her life and it’s not long before she’s convinced that somehow he’s not dead and has found a way to become invisible and to keep tormenting her. But who is going to believe her?

Chris, Kim, Marco, Alan, Frank, and Sarah Jane got to see this one and BOY were there a lot of things to talk about here. AND a lot of differing opinions ranging from describing the film as the best film this year so far and as the worst. Check out our rather extensive review here.



DIRECTED BY: Leigh Whannell

STARRING: Elizabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer, Michael Dorman, Anthony Brandon Wong

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