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Highly Suspect Reviews: Like a Boss

Like a Boss Movie Review


Two life-long best friends/roommates (Haddish and Byrne) own a make-up company together. It’s small and struggling but they love it dearly. Unfortunately, it’s REALLY struggling and when makeup tycoon Salma Hayek offers to buy them it’s an offer that’s hard to refuse. Keeping control of their business is part of the deal but there’s a catch: they’ve both got to stay in the company or control goes to Hayek. Well, you can see where this is going to go. And unfortunately, we really could see where EVERYTHING was going to go. With such a fantastic cast, we were really rooting for this one. Well, that’s January for ya. Listen to Chris, Mike Murphy, Marco, and Ben list their regrets.


DIRECTED BY: Miguel Arteta

STARRING: Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Coolidge, Billy Porter, Ari Graynor, Natasha Rothwell, Jessica St. Clair, Karan Soni, Ashley Johnson, Jacob Lattimore, Jimmy O. Yang, Ryan Hansen, Seth Rollins, Veronica Merrell, Vanessa Merrell

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