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Screener Squad: The Longest Night (La Mala Noche)

The Longest Night Movie Review


It took us a little longer than expected to review this movie, but we’re finally ready to discuss Equador’s submission for the Best International Feature Oscar, The Longest Night. The film follows a woman named Dana (Noell Schonwald), who has resigned to prostitution as a way to pay for her daughter’s medicine and owes a large debt to a local mobster. When she realizes that a young girl has been acquired by the mobster for grooming, she finds herself in a quandary over how to break free of her own personal prison to do the right thing. Justin and Marco didn’t know what to expect from this movie since they hadn’t seen a single trailer beforehand. Was this a pleasant surprise?


DIRECTED BY: Gabriela Calvache

STARRING: Noell Schonwald, Cristian Mercado, Diego Mignone, Jaime Tamariz, Ariana Freire, Nadine Munoz Cervantes, Cristina Marchan, Naomi Ruf Calvache, Joaquin Gonzalez, Juan Jose Franco, Domenica Elizabeth Gallardo

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