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Highly Suspect Reviews: Motherless Brooklyn

Motherless Brooklyn Movie Review


Ed Norton is one of those actors who makes ears perk up when he announces a new project. Sure, not everything is gold but he always makes interesting choices. When he chose to star in, write, direct, and produce this adaptation of a beloved Jonathan Lethem novel, ears were decidedly perked. Playing a private investigator in 1957 NYC who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, but benefits from an eidetic memory, he is determined to find who killed his close friend and boss (Bruce Willis). But the path is twisty and confusing and may lead to a bigger conspiracy than he could have imagined. All but completely re-writing Lethem’s book (even changing the time period drastically) this adaptation of Motherless Brooklyn is sure to make some fans upset. But Chris, Marco, Beau, Frank, and Ben found a very engaging noir film that hit all the right marks. Check out their review here.



STARRING: Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Alec Baldwin, Willem Dafoe, Bobby Cannavale, Cherry Jones, Michael K. Williams, Leslie Mann, Ethan Suplee, Dallas Roberts, Josh Pais, Robert Wisdom, Fisher Stevens

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