Screener Squad: Undone

Undone TV Show Review


If you thought A Scanner Darkly was a trip, wait until you dive into the rabbit hole that is Undone. This eight-episode twenty-minute series follows Alma (Rosa Salazar), a young woman struggling with life after her father (Bob Odenkirk) died in a car accident. Things change, however, when Alma starts seeing visions of her father after surviving a car crash herself. He explains that she is now able to perceive time non-linearly, a power passed down on his side of the family. And on top of that, he is asking her to help prove that his death was not an accident, but a murder to cover up a secret. Justin, Julien, and Allen had a lot to say about this mind-bending series, which was all done in rotoscope for an added layer of surreal. Did it truly dazzle them with its psychedelic story? Or is it the most colorfully animated, but dull theoretical physics lecture you’ve ever heard? Listen to their full thoughts here!


DIRECTED BY: Hisko Hulsing

STARRING: Rosa Salazar, Bob Odenkirk, Angelique Cabral, Siddharth Dhananjay, Daveed Diggs, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Kevin Bigley, Sheila Vand

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