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Infestation: TIFF 2019 Roundup Part Two

Infestation: Toronto International Film Festival 2019


The Toronto International Film Festival has come and gone. And yet with all of our coverage on the festival so far, there was still so much left to say! So, Shak has brought in Justin to help with an in-depth discussion of his festival experience and full reviews of the twenty movies he was able to see. From the amazing theater experience watching Crazy World from the director of Who Killed Captain Alex? to Shak’s sharing appetizers with Toni Colette from Knives Out, there was a lot to talk about. So much so that we decided to split the entire podcast into two parts. Time codes for the movies will be included below for all of Shak’s reviews:

Part 2
Uncut Gems – 0:33
Mosul – 7:07
Bad Education – 11:33
Honey Boy – 16:34
Waves – 23:09
Synchronic – 30:12
Zombi Child – 33:47
Blood Quantum – 36:40
Dolemite is my Name – 40:39
Joker – 47:40

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