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“The Shrew of Destiny” Exclusive International Trailer Debut

The Shrew of Destiny English Language Trailer


“THE SHREW OF DESTINY” is a Polish 2D movie based on a series of popular graphic novels by Tomasz Samojlik. The story centers on Dobrzyk, the smallest and weakest of all the shrews in the forest who becomes chosen as a savior to fulfill the prophecy of stopping “The Dark Enemy “, an evil entity which plans to destroy all life in the forest. Dobrzyk goes on an epic quest to find a legendary nail in the trunk, with plenty of adventures and spoofs of classic fantasy tropes on the way.

Tomasz Samojlik’s books are highly popular in Poland among children and the author is known for mixing educational messages with comedy. All of Samojlik’s works center on environmental messages often involving various animals from Polish forests. His popular book series Pompik the Bison was already adapted into animated series. The Shrew of Destiny will be EGoFilms first feature film.

Director : Marcin Wasilewski
Scriptwirter : Tomasz Samojlik, Maciej Kur
Production : EGoFilm, Ewelina Gordziejuk
ART DESIGN : Tomasz Samojlk, Marta Sieczak, Agnieszka Czachór,
Co-PRoducion : Grupa Smacznego, Paris+Hendzel Co.
Co-Financed by : Polish Film Institute,

The movie is still in development so there is no release date as yet, but we are premiering here the English language trailer world debut!

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