Screener Squad: The VelociPastor

The Velocipastor Movie Review


Yes, you read that title correctly. This is The VelociPastor, the latest in the trend of mixing random things together for low-rent horror films. In this story, we follow Father Stewart (Daniel Steere), who is on a quest following the loss of his parents. Upon arriving in China, he receives the power to transform into a terrifying dinosaur. With a hooker named Carol (Alyssa Kempinski) encouraging him to use his power for good, he goes on a quest to fight crime. And at some point, he also fights ninjas! Need we say more? Nick, Brad, and Patience have arrived to confess whether they felt this movie was so bad it was good or if it is truly beyond redemption.


DIRECTED BY: Brendan Steere

STARRING: Daniel Steere, Alyssa Kempinski, Claire Hsu, Greg Cohan, Nicholas M Garofolo, Fernando Pacheco De Castro, Zachary Steere

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