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Infestation – RTX 2018: The Lost Tapes

Infestation – RTX 2018 – The Lost Tapes

2018 was set to be a banner year of our annual coverage of RTX. The Mikes and Ben were prepared to share more coverage than you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately, Mike the Editors laptop had other plans. And some of our videos remained unfinished… until now. After a much-needed upgrade, OneOfUs.Net is proud to present what we call RTX 2018: The Lost Tapes!


In this video, Ben and Spider-Mike got to sit down with the crew behind the popular YouTube channel Funhaus. They discuss their creative process, the art of finding the best worst games in existence and their sketch comedy pilot, Arizona Circle.

Here, our very own video game enthusiast Spider-Mike meets a couple of indie game developers and suggests an unorthodox way to go multiplayer.

Mike and Ben got a chance to sit down with Rooster Teeth founders Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, and Geoff Ramsey. They discuss their fifteen-plus-year journey from producers of funny internet videos to entertainment empire.