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Highly Suspect Reviews: Maiden

Maiden Film review


Ever heard of the Whitbread Round the World Race? Neither had I, but it’s the longest race there is as yachts compete to circumnavigate the globe in this risky venture. And up until 1989, they didn’t have women as part of their crews. A hotbed of machismo, the community pooh-poohed the idea that women could handle the physical and psychological demands involved…until an upstart 24-year-old shamed them all by captaining the Maiden and filling up the crew entirely with women. Documenting this voyage is the film Maiden, with a surprising amount of footage taken before, during, and after the race and interviews with the crew today. What begins as standard doc stuff quickly becomes harrowing, exciting, and deeply inspiring as Maiden moves to the top list for docs this year. Listen to Chris, Marco, and Ben say their peace.


DIRECTED BY: Alex Holmes

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