Highly Suspect Reviews: Yesterday

Yesterday Movie Review


What if The Beatles never existed and you were the only person that remembered all their songs that never got written? That’s the premise of Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis’ Yesterday and I’ll tell you, it lost some viewers right out of the park with that premise. Himesh Patel plays Jack, a struggling busker who, along with his best friend/manager Ellie (Lily James) has dreamed of fame but no one else seems really interested. And then there’s a magical accident, Jack wakes up in the hospital, OMG THE BEATLES NEVER EXISTED. **evilly strokes chin**

So, yeah, Jack becomes the biggest musician of all time playing the Beatles songs as his own to a world that’s never encountered them before now. Oh wait, the film thinks the lead story is that he should be focusing on his friend Ellie who early on into his success drops that she’s always secretly loved him. Anyway, we had mixed reactions to this one. Check out Chris, Marco, and Ben on the review right here.


DIRECTED BY: Danny Boyle

STARRING: Himesh Patel, Lily James, Kate McKinnon, Ed Sheeran, Lamorne Morris, Sophia Di Martino, Joel Fry, Elise Chappell

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