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Highly Suspect Reviews: Shaft

Shaft Movie Review


Yes, we are in fact just talking about Shaft. Ben, Alan, and Marco decidedly do NOT shut their mouths in this review of the latest chapter detailing the adventures of the Shaft family line. Bringing back the original (Richard Roundtree) and his son from the 2000 film (Samuel L. Jackson), there’s now a new Shaft (Jessie Usher) who is expected to live up to the badass family name but…I guess a black sheep of the family joke would be inappropriate here. After Shaft Jr Jr, who is an FBI agent, has a friend die mysteriously, he turns to the family for help in an unconventional (by FBI standards) fashion. And wackiness ensues. We were surprised to see how much this new chapter delivers on exactly what Shaft fans would want in a new film. But don’t believe me. Listen to the review.



STARRING: Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Roundtree, Jessie Usher, Alexandra Shipp, Regina Hall, Avan Jogia, Method Man, Matt Lauria, Robbie Jones, Lauren Velez

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