Highly Suspect Reviews: Child’s Play

Child's Play Movie Review


Chucky’s Back! Or, at least, a new version of him. Updating this franchise successfully was always going to be a challenge but other than the hideously fugly new Chucky design, we were surprised how much this decidedly horror-comedy managed to do right. This time around, Chucky isn’t a doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer, he’s an animatronic robot doll with an Amazon Echo/Google Home-style super-enhanced helper persona, but one directed at young Andy (he literally “imprints” on him in one scene). Chucky can operate electronics remotely, can learn and adapt from what you teach him, and eventually, can try to kill everyone who ever hurts you. Because this Chucky had his ‘violence inhibitor’ intentionally shut off at the factory (I know). I know he can make us laugh, and that’s probably because Mark Hamill is voicing the ugly thing, but we’ve also got Aubrey Plaza as the mom and Brian Tyree Henry as a police detective next door. John and Chris both admit they were surprised it was as fun as it ended up being. But you can hear all that and more in their review.


DIRECTED BY: Lars Klevberg

STARRING: Gabriel Bateman, Mark Hamill, Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Tim Matheson, David Lewis

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