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Their Final Watch Begins – Episode 6 – The Iron Throne – featuring Chris Cox!

Game of Thrones Final Episode TV Show Review


The final Game of Thrones (until the prequel shows) is here and EVERYONE is making sure everyone else knows exactly what their opinion is on it. I mean, everyone. Even people who don’t watch Game of Thrones. That’s how big a TV event this was. And, as you might expect, there’s a big gulf between I TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY AND I’M UPSET BECAUSE _____ fans and I LOVE THIS SHOW AND THE ENDING WAS AWESOME SO F-YOU fans. We here at who’ve been covering this final season fall somewhere outside either of these rage-fandoms but that isn’t to say we all agree on the merits and demerits owed to Episode 6. We even brought site-master Chris Cox onboard to stir things up, which is exactly what he does. Listen to Allen, Shak, Bradly, Nick, and Chris fight it out in the battle to end all battles! (except for that one in episode 5)

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