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Screener Squad: Shadow

Shadow Movie Review


China has produced a ton of truly great filmmakers over the last few decades and one of the best has been Zhang Yimou. With three Best Foreign Language Film nominations (as well as countless other nominations and wins in other ceremonies) Yimou has gifted the world with classics like Ju Dou, Raise The Red Lantern, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and, well, ok, The Great Wall (which wasn’t all that bad, despite reports to the contrary). But with Shadow, he returns to the classy wuxia style that he arguably does better than anyone. The story follows a body double for a famous military commander who gets in over his head both with a building military stand-off with a formidable opponent and with falling for the wife of the man he’s impersonating. For fans of art films, martial arts, or just movies in general, Shadow might very well qualify as a must-see. Or at least, so says our team of critics. Listen to Chris, Beau, and Michael get all excited in their review.


Directed by: Zhang Yimou

Starring: Deng Chao, Sun Li, Zheng Kai, Wang Qianyuan, Hun Jun, Guan Xiaotong, Leo Wu

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