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The Final Days of Gotham – Episode 11 – They Did What?

Gotham Episode 11 Season 5 review

So after a two week hiatus where Fox had promised a two-parter series finale, they decided last minute to go ‘Yeah, never mind’ and release them a week apart from each other. This means Chris will not be on this recording as previously announced, nor will this be the final episode. Both of those will happen next week!

For this week, you will get Justin, Allen, Travis and Nick once again to tell you about this series penultimate episode. Following the previous episode where the army is about to unleash its full might on the citizens of Gotham, Gordon and the gang must rally whoever they can to defend the city while Talia and Bane make their final moves to take revenge as well. How can they possibly thwart such dastardly plots? Who will make it to the end of the series? Are you still watching this show? We are and…we were not very excited about how they did this episode for a number of reasons. Find out why right here.

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