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Screener Squad: Unicorn Store

Unicorn Store Movie Review


Brie Larson is riding off that Marvel high right now, so it’s time for her to tackle her next challenge: directing. In Unicorn Store, she plays a young artist who moves back in with her parents after her career stalls. After taking an office job, she receives a mysterious letter telling her to go to ‘the store,’ a place that sells ‘what you need.’ In here she meets The Salesman (Samuel L. Jackson) who offers her a chance to experience her greatest childhood fantasy: owning a unicorn. But where will this journey of discovering her childhood take her afterward? Brad and Frank reviewed this incredibly quirky drama, so now they’re here to tell you if Brie has a bright future directing films or if she should keep her day job.


Directed by: Brie Larson

Starring: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Cusack, Bradley Whitford