Screener Squad: Mercy Black

Mercy Black Movie Review


I think the Slender Man murder (look it up) convinced us all that A: Kids are dangerous and B: Faith can be a scary viral meme. I mean, no duh, but this really cemented that an imaginary horror character dreamed up on the internet could take on such weight that it led some children to commit the most horrible crime in service to it. This is the starting point for Mercy Black, a quietly dropped on Netflix film from Blumhouse Productions and Austin, TX author (and friend of the site, check out Chris on the set of his last film Blood Fest here) Owen Egerton. In this story, the once little girl is now all grown up (Daniella Pineda), has been in a psych hospital for all these years under the care of a doctor (Janeane Garofalo), and is ready (?) to rejoin the real world. Moving back in with her sister (Elle LaMont) and her young son, she’s determined to start a new life. But what if that monster she and her friends dreamed up as children wasn’t imaginary? What if she discovered that similar killings had happened afterward? What if they started up again in her town? Is Mercy Black real or is it something else? Join Alan and Chris as they delve into the scary linguine of Mercy Black.


Directed By: Owen Egerton

Starring: Daniella Pineda, Janeane Garofalo, Elle LaMont, Austin Amelio, Lee Eddy

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