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Screener Squad: Division 19

Division 19 Movie Review


Oh look. A dystopian apocalyptic thriller movie. We haven’t seen a review for a movie like this in what…one day? But here we are with this new cinematic master…piece of something with Division 19.

Welcome to the futuristic world of 2039! Where prisons have been turned into live streaming shows where people can purchase and watch prisoners all the time. We join a particular group of ragtag parkour hackers as they attempt to break out the most popular prison on the live service, The Panopticon. That sounds like a promising premise to work with, but did it manage to impress Lara and Allen enough to fight against the powers that be? Find out here!


Directed by: S.A. Halewood

Starring: Lotte Verbeek, Alison Doody, Linus Roache

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