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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Aftermath

The Aftermath Movie Review


It is the end of WWII and Germany is a bombed-out mess. People struggle to survive as allied troops move in for the reconstruction. Keira Knightley is an Englishwoman joining her colonel husband, Jason Clarke, in Hamburg, as he proceeds with the operation. They are sequestered in a sizable mansion that belongs…or belonged…to an architect and his teenage daughter. Having seen the camps where German survivors are being placed, Clarke feels that with such a huge house it would be crappy of them to force the two to leave, much to his wife’s chagrin. But Clarke is busy with the military operations and gone a lot and the architect is played by Alexander Skarsgård so OMG SEXY TIME. How can a forbidden romance movie with Knightley and Skarsgård not be smoldering? We had VERY different opinions as to the quality of this film in our review. Listen to Chris, George, and Ben fight it out.


Directed by: James Kent

Starring: Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Clarke

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