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Highly Suspect Reviews: Little

Little Movie Review


Are you ready for a new spate of body-switching comedies? I mean, this is technically someone just de-aging, but it’s the same formula more or less. Regina Hall used to be the nerdy science girl in school everyone picked on. Now she’s powerful, rich, and the one who does the bullying of all her cowering employees and especially her personal assistant (Issa Rae). But when a little girl puts a curse (magic spell, whatevs) on her, she becomes her childhood self again (Marsai Martin) and has to rely on her assistant’s help to keep things together at work while she negotiates her biggest fear: going back to her old school. Check out our review with Chris, George, and Alan and see why Little isn’t as bad as you’d imagine (but probably not too far off either).


Directed by: Tina Golden

Starring: Regina Hall, Issa Rae, Marsai Martin, Justin Hartley, Tone Bell, Rachel Dratch, Mikey Day, JD McCrary, Luke James

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