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Screener Squad: Out of Blue

Out Of Blue Podcast Review


A Martin Amis adaptation is generally not going to turn out well. I mean, historically. Sure, he may be one of England’s most successful and lauded modern day writers, but his stuff just doesn’t seem to translate that well to film. Enter Out of Blue, an adaptation of his novel Night Train. Patricia Clarkson plays New Orleans police detective Mike Hoolihan who is investigating a murder of a renowned astrophysicist (Mamie Gummer). To her chagrin, the case may not be what it seems, reality may not be what it seems, NOTHING MAY BE WHAT IT SEEMS. Or not. Or maybe. *sigh*. Check out Chris, Zach, and Lara on the review for the frustratingly incomplete Out Of Blue.


Directed By: Carol Morley

Starring: Patricia Clarkson, Mamie Gummer, James Caan, Jackie Weaver, Toby Jones,

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