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The Final Days of Gotham – Episode 5 – Pena Dura

Riddle us this, Gothamites! It’s a Riddler-centric episode this time out. As Jim and Harvey continue to investigate the death of 300 refugees, they come across an old army buddy of Jim’s named Eduardo (Shane West) who helps them uncover that Ed Nygma bought the dreaded RPG. The problem? Riddler was not actually in control of himself when he did the attack and he is desperate to find proof before the city tears him apart. This leads to a manhunt that yields some insane twists even by Gotham standards. Also, Bruce and Selina are still doing stuff. Check out our full thoughts right here!

If you want to hear the main trio’s entire coverage of the show, check out the videos below from the Unapologetic Geek Out podcast for their comprehensive reviews of the previous four seasons. Time codes will be provided for when to avoid the spoiler talks:

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