Screener Squad: The Amityville Murders

Because what everyone really wanted was a remake of Amityville 2: The Possession. Or maybe someone did. I mean, clearly, SOMEONE did, because here we go. Ya see this is the story NOT of the Anson family, as detailed in the original The Amityville Horror or even the remake with Ryan Reynolds. This is about the family that lived in the house before they came into the picture, the oft-mentioned Butch DeFeo who murdered his entire family with a shotgun in their beds as they slept. But is there more to their story than a crazed young man? Was the evil already in the house and forcing him to commit those acts? Will he also get to have a creepy incest sex scene with his sister? The answers to these questions and more, like, is this worth seeing at all, are given by Alan and Chris in their review (with Patience rubbernecking).

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