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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Everything WAS awesome but now, in this sequel to the surprise hit The Lego Movie, the world of Bricksburg has become Apocalypseburg; the decision by Will Ferrell’s character at the end of the last movie to let his kids play with his exquisitely crafted Lego town has led to ruin. Especially by the little sister who has brought in the destructive and haphazardly built Duplo beasts. Regularly, the Lego wasteland is raided by aliens from the ‘Sistar’ system but our protagonist, Emmett, still sees the world through awesome-colored glasses, much to the chagrin of everyone around him. That is, until the aliens come for his best friends and lady-love. Emmett must hitch-up his courage and go on an adventure beyond the Stairgate, rescue his friends, and stop the fabled ‘Our-Mom-Ageddon’ from happening. But, what you’re asking yourself is this: a lot of the success of that first movie was due to the sheer shock that a Lego movie could be as good as it was. Does the sequel have a shot at being as good? Listen to Chris, Ben, Alan, and Beau weigh in.

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