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Highly Suspect Reviews: Greta

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Greta Movie Review


Director Neil Jordan tries his hand at the obsessive stalker thriller sub-genre with Greta. This time it’s the previously stalked (in Elle) Isabelle Huppert doing the stalking and the stalkee is little girl lost Chloë Grace Moretz, a self-proclaimed naively sweet girl doing her best to not be eaten alive in the big city of New York. When she finds a purse left on the subway, despite her roommate’s (Maika Monroe) exhortations to take the money out and be done with it, she tracks down the owner. The seemingly adorable French lady (Huppert) is grateful to receive her property and starts a friendship with the young girl, who is grateful for an older woman in her life as her own mother passed away recently. But lo, this older lady is CRA-ZEE and shit goes sideways. Way sideways. Check out our Greta movie review with Chris, Frank, and Beau.


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