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Eye on the Prize Ep. 26 Pt. 2 – Reviewing the 2019 Best Original Score Nominees

Eye On The Prize Awards Show Podcast

Time to get musical in this show! It’s that time of year that Justin loves so much where we discuss the Oscar nominees for Best Original Song and Best Original Score. This year, however, we decided to bring on a professional. Our very own Eye on the Prize composer Lorenzo Emmanuel, who also composed the themes for The Gathering and Screener Squad, makes his podcasting debut to lend his opinion on what worked or didn’t work with these nominated pieces of music. Together with Justin, Shak, and Bradly, they get into a thorough discussion that had to be broken up into two parts. Just another day when Justin is in charge of a podcast…

After some delay, we finally finished our analysis of the nominated scores for this year: Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman, If Beale Street Could Talk, Isle of Dogs and Mary Poppins Returns. We also do some recommendations for other score gems you may have missed. Samples of nearly every mentioned score will be included in the podcast. Enjoy!

Be sure to support Lorenzo as well by checking out his SoundCloud page and recommending his work! Among the pieces available is a full-length version of the Screener Squad theme, titled “Maximize Damage”

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