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The Final Days of Gotham – Episode 3 – Penguin, Our Hero

Another week, another episode of Gotham. In this week’s episode, Jim and Harvey are dealing with the struggles of maintaining peace in their new refugee zone. Across the city, Penguin is starting to alienate his followers and decides to invade the refugee zone to get them back. Meanwhile, Selina recruits Bruce to help her venture into the ‘Dark Zone’ to hunt down Jeremiah and get payback for severing her spine. However, she is also showing strange and violent behavioral changes that are worrying Bruce. It sounds very much like a Gotham episode and after last week’s disappointing outing, this week felt like the show was getting back on track. Justin, Nick, Travis, and Allen ‘Birdman’ go in-depth on what did or didn’t work this episode, while also espousing how much Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin is such an important part of what makes the show work!

If you want to hear the main trio’s entire coverage of the show, check out the videos below from the Unapologetic Geek Out podcast for their comprehensive reviews of the previous four seasons. Time codes will be provided for when to avoid the spoiler talks:

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