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The Final Days of Gotham – Episode 2 – Trespassers

The Final Days of Gotham returns! This episode was slightly delayed due to Justin having to fly back to Illinois, but here we are with episode two of the final season, Trespassers. Picking up from last week’s episode, Jim and Harvey go to rescue a bunch of children being held against their will by a mysterious enemy. Meanwhile, Bruce investigates a rumor that a ‘witch’ could help him cure Selina’s paralysis. And the Riddler…well, he’s also in this episode. There was a lot to talk about this week. Not all of it was good though. Nick and Travis from the Unapologetic Geek Out return once again, but we also brought in a guest host with Allen (often referred to by his moniker ‘Birdman’) from the Midnight Chat Attack on Double Toasted. With this many people on one show, it can only end in hilarity and anarchy! Seriously, this episode was hilarious to record!

Also, the episodes will now have their very own ‘Previously on’ segments at the beginning just like our favorite show!

If you want to hear the main trio’s entire coverage of the show, check out the videos below from the Unapologetic Geek Out podcast for their comprehensive reviews of the previous four seasons. Time codes will be provided for when to avoid the spoiler talks:

Season 1 (Spoiler talk begins at 1:03:54)

Season 2 (Spoiler talk begins at 59:52)

Season 3 (Spoiler talk begins at 59:34)

Season 4 (Spoiler talk begins at 59:41)