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Screener Squad: I Am The Night Episode 1 & 2

***NON-SPOILER REVIEW***Justin and Les are on the case to determine if this TNT limited series is worth the investment. In this six-part procedural inspired by the book by Fauna Hodel, we follow the lives of two individuals whose lives are connected to what may be the Black Dahlia killer. The first is a young girl named Pat (India Eisley), a mixed-race woman who discovers that her mother is not actually her mother and that her real family in Los Angeles may be involved in something sinister. Meanwhile, a sleazy reporter named Jay Singletary (Chris Pine), desperate to build his reputation back stumbles upon a story involving a grisly murder that sucks him into the insanity. How will this tale resolve itself? Justin and Les have decided to parcel out the series review into three parts to highlight the work of the three respective directors, with the first two directed by Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins. Expect the other reviews to come out with each bundle of two episodes.

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