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Screener Squad: Dead Ant

Justin has decided to bring back Allen from the Midnight Chat Attack to experience the horrors of the bargain bin movies for himself. In Dead Ant, we follow a band of old rockers led by Sean Astin and Tom Arnold (uh-oh…) as they venture through a Native American reservation to play at a music festival. After making a stop to buy peyote from a mysterious Native American shop owner (Michael Horse from Twin Peaks), they are warned that if they kill any animals in the reservation while high, they will be cursed. Sure enough, the rockers’ antics send a swarm of giant killer fire ants after them as a result. How will they get out of this and make it to the concert in one piece? Well, if you ask Justin and Allen, it may not be worth finding out. Listening to our review here will be a good enough substitute to the real thing!

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