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Screener Squad: An Acceptable Loss

It’s time for some good old political intrigue. This is An Acceptable Loss, the newest film from Joe Chappelle who did so much great work on The Wire….and also Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers. This time, we follow Tika Sumpter as she deals with the fallout from an unpopular decision she made while serving as a security adviser for the U.S. under Vice President Jamie Lee Curtis. While teaching at a college, a graduate student is stalking her and her former lover from the White House is hounding her concerning that decision that haunts her to this day. She has a plan to get back at those who ruined her life, but how will it play out for her and everyone involved? Justin and Frank couldn’t find a bipartisan approach in reviewing this movie, with both of them having very different reactions to this movie’s tone and plot choices. How different? You’ll have to find out.

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