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Eye on the Prize SPECIAL: ‘Best of the Rest’ – 2018 Edition

Eye On The Prize Awards Show Podcast

You thought you heard all of the very best in movies, TV and overall entertainment on The Gathering? Oh, my friend…you barely scratched the surface. There was so much good entertainment this year that we had to do another podcast to shine a spotlight on anything you may have missed. So for this podcast, we assembled an all-star team to cover 2018 with Davey Peppers (at least for the first of these three sections), Justin Zarian, Bradly Martin, Nick Thyes, Shakyl Lambert and London Vayavong. Together, they’ll do a roundtable discussion highlighting some of the notable picks, name their very worst movie of the year, and then cover their lists for the top 10 movies (or just top 10 out of everything). It’s a long and wild ride, but it’s a fun one!