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Screener Squad: Swing Kids

  • by is about to get hit with Korean style boogie woogie fever! Swing Kids, based on a Korean musical called Rho Ki-Soo and not that unrelated 1993 movie with Christian Bale, centers around the Geoje prison camp during the Korean war in 1951. A captive North Korean soldier named Ro Ki-soo (Do Kyung-soo) falls in love with tap dancing after seeing it performed by an American Broadway dancer turned officer named Jackson (Jared Grimes). Along with a ragtag group of other colorful characters, they decide to form a dance group to liven the spirits of the other prisoners and find a renewed sense of freedom through dance. Bradly and Ben Glasthal decided to lace up their dancing shoes and cut a rug with this review. Did its charms work on them though?

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