Screener Squad: Mademoiselle Paradis

It’s time for some more foreign film goodness! Mademoiselle Paradis follows the true story of famed 18th-century pianist Maria Theresia von Paradis (Maria Dragus), who was blinded after an incident in her childhood but nonetheless found an outlet through music. Desperate to find help for her daughter, Maria’s mother entrusts her in the care of Dr. Franz Mesmer (Devid Steisow). Through some rather unorthodox means, he conducts a series of tests that actually start to restore bits of her eyesight. The problem? Her musical talent is weakening as a result. How will this affect her life afterward? Justin took a backseat on this review as he listened to Lara and Bradly tackle this indie period piece. Does it have the charm to win them over or is it just another stuffy costume drama? Listen to find out!

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