Screener Squad: Jonathan

And you thought your life was complicated! In this indie sci-fi, we follow Jonathan (Ansel Elgort) as he goes about his day-to-day life designing architecture. The catch? He has a special condition where he inhabits the same body as his brother John, meaning he is only active between 7AM and 7PM before his brother takes over. They have a simple system to deal with this. They communicate through video camera messages, they stay with the schedule, they meet with their doctor (Patricia Clarkson) and they absolutely do not have girlfriends. That is, until John decides to get a girlfriend (Suki Waterhouse) behind Jonathan’s back. Once he catches wind of this though, Jonathan decides to investigate and take matters into his own hands before things get even more complicated. Little does he know what this will get him into.

Justin and Frank take the reins on this movie, which they were more than happy to do with the good word of mouth it has got from the festival circuit. Does it live up to the hype though? Check out the review to see!

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