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Screener Squad: Bodied

The Screener Squad is laying down some fresh beats with this review of Neon and YouTube Premium’s Bodied. Directed by music video titan Joseph Kahn, the story follows a white progressive graduate student named Adam Merkin (“American Vandal‘s” Callum Worthy). While writing a thesis about the use of offensive racial language in rap battles, he is put into a situation where he shows that he is not a bad battle rapper himself. The catch? His lyrics work best when he unleashes his most unfiltered, and often racist, material. Even with how non-politically correct his battle rap community is, Adam is unprepared for where this journey will take him and how it will affect his relationships with everyone.

Shak, Justin, Bradly and Ben Gentile had heard the massive hype behind this movie from the festival circuit, so they had an epic watch party to make sure they had the best experience possible. Did it help? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!

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