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Highly Suspect Reviews: Robin Hood

There’s no science to the statement, “It’s so bad, it’s good”. No way to even really characterize it in specifics that would be applicable to everyone or even more than a niche audience who would feel that way. Well, this 2018 version of the venerable old tale of Robin Hood is that movie for Alan and Chris. Taron Egerton is Robin, Jamie Foxx is John, Ben Mendelsohn is the Sherriff, Eve Hewson is Marian, Jamie Dornan is Will, Tim Minchin is Tuck, and the movie is basically an extreme leftish (I mean, EXTREME) call for violent revolution against the government. Like, the current one. Set inside of a CW superhero pilot. But more on those things and much hilarity in the review that you should listen to right now.

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