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Screener Squad: Private Life

It’s about to get real uncomfortable in here, but for all the best reasons. Tamara Jenkins (“The Savages”) returns to film making after an eleven-year hiatus with this Sundance darling. The story follows Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn as a New York couple named Richard and Rachel, who despite their best efforts cannot conceive a child or secure one for adoption. Things seem grim until their step-niece Sadie (Kayli Carter) decides to live with them after dropping out of college. Seeing no other options and knowing they can trust Sadie, the couple decide to ask her if she’s willing to donate eggs for an In Vitro Fertilization treatment. But will it all work out?

This movie covers just about every minute detail about infertility and its effects on a married life you can think of, but in a way that is more honest and heartfelt than any other film like it. So much so that Justin and Brad couldn’t say enough good things about this movie, that toes the line between uncomfortably real and disarmingly funny with aplomb. It helps too to have such lovable characters played by cast totally on their A-game. Just go in knowing that this is a movie for grown-ups and that it may prompt some serious discussions after (or maybe during) your viewing.

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