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Screener Squad: Bikini Moon

Oh boy…this review is going to be a doozy. Justin and Davey discuss this new film Bikini Moon from director Milcho Manchevski (Before the Rain), a faux-documentary where a group of young independent filmmakers come across a mentally unstable Iraq War veteran who calls herself ‘Bikini.’ They soon become fascinated with her and decide to dedicate their time helping her gain stability while exploiting the process for their film to make money. What does this say about the condescension of white liberalism, the plight of the homeless and the relationship documentary filmmakers build with their subjects?

Not as much as you’d think if you ask Justin and Davey. Though there has been some early positive word of mouth for this film, you’re going to hear very little positive about this movie from this site. Even the fact this is a decently produced film with a solid team of actors, including Sarah Goldberg from Barry, couldn’t stave off our reviewer’s feelings that this was a pretentious exercise. It’s worth it just to hear Davey barely contain his vitriolic hate!

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