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Screener Squad: 22 July

Paul Greengrass has returned with the latest in his series of ‘made too soon’ movies, this time courtesy of Netflix. Centered on the 2011 Norwegian terrorist attacks conducted by Anders Behring Breivik (Anders Danielsen Lie), we follow the story from the bombing and shooting that claimed the lives of 77 people to Breivik’s final courtroom verdict. Can the victims of this shooting recover from the scars left by this crime? And was this the work of a monstrous lunatic or a coordinated attack that speaks to an even greater threat?

Paul Greengrass definitely wants people to think about during this movie. However, Justin and Brad weren’t buying what he was selling. Admittedly, Justin is more right leaning than the audience this movie was made for, though he does not condone any of Breivik’s actions or that of any political group that promotes violence to any person. However, both reviewers objectively felt that this film was a decently made and well-acted but exploitative take on a real-world event that comes off as a political fear mongering tool without offering substantial solutions. If the movie had better pacing and more nuance in discussing its main points, that may have been less of an issue.

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