Highly Suspect Reviews: The House With a Clock In Its Walls

Eli Roth (!…I know, right?) directs this children’s book adaptation about a young orphan boy who goes to live in a creepy and seriously weird old house with his uncle (Jack Black) and his friend Florence (Cate Blanchette). Both are good wizards who wouldn’t be out of place as instructors at Hogwarts, trying to figure out where a mysterious and ominous counting-down clock is hidden in the house once owned by a nefarious warlock (Kyle MacLachlan). Meanwhile, the kid deals with being a weirdo himself, learning magic, and trying not to screw up everything because he wants so desperately to be liked at school. There are a lot of eyes on this one and everyone wants to know, is it gonna be good? Chris, Taylor, Zach, and Ben are here to tell you.

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